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Welcome to the a remote corner of the multiverse, a galaxy called "Serenity". Exploring an alien reef, the experience is driven by your haptic feedback and breathing rhythms. How you breathe dictates how far you'll go and the path you take.

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Clouds Over Sidra

"Clouds Over Sidra" is a virtual reality film created by the United Nations and filmmaker Chris Milk that provides a powerful and immersive look into the life of a young Syrian refugee girl named Sidra. Sidra takes viewers on a journey through her daily life in a refugee camp in Jordan, offering a unique and intimate perspective on refugees' struggles worldwide. Clouds has been widely praised for its ability to create empathy and has successfully been used as a tool for fundraising and advocacy efforts raising a total of US$3.8billion for the Syrian Humanitarian Appeal fund.

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Audi VR

Audi has been exploring the use of virtual reality (VR) technology in several projects, including designing new car models and creating immersive experiences for customers.  These projects demonstrate Audi's commitment to innovation and using technology to enhance the customer experience.

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Awaken Osiris

Explore Ancient Temples in Egypt through interactive VR Environments. View Hieroglyphs and ancient architecture in stunning 360 environments. Available on Steam VR and Oculus at the end of the year.

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New York Times VR

The New York Times VR piece featuring the French artist JR is a captivating and immersive virtual reality experience that takes viewers on a journey through his creative process. The film showcases JR's stunning art installations in various locations around the world, and provides a unique perspective into the artist's mind and his motivations. It's a powerful example of how virtual reality can be used to create a deeper connection between the viewer and the subject matter, and offers a truly unforgettable viewing experience.


Saturday Night Live VR

The SNL 40th episode featured a virtual reality sketch starring Jerry Seinfeld. The sketch utilized VR technology to create an immersive experience for viewers, allowing them to feel as though they were actually in the scene with Seinfeld. It was also seen as an innovative use of VR technology in a comedic setting, showcasing the potential for VR in entertainment.

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