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Consultation and Mentoring

The XR medium refers to immersive technologies that combine digital and physical elements to create a new, interactive reality. It includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) experiences.


Do you want to bring an idea to life in an XR medium but not sure where or how to start? MCF Immersive does Technical and Creative Consulting for brands and individuals who would like to start making content in an XR medium. Contact us with your idea or take one of our online courses.

XR Capture - Production

Cutting-Edge Solutions

MCF Immersive is a premier VR production company that takes audiences on unforgettable virtual journeys. Their passion for creating immersive experiences is matched only by their expertise in utilizing cutting-edge VR capture techniques to bring their projects to life. MCF Immersive relies on a variety of proprietary cameras, including the Obsidian VR , Yi Halo 360° and a customized rig utilizing Black magic cameras, to capture every angle and detail in stunning 360-degree footage.

Yi Halo.jpg

VR Post Production

From Capture to Headset

One of MCF Immersive's most impressive capabilities is their skill in stitching together multiple camera feeds seamlessly, creating a truly immersive experience for viewers. By utilizing advanced post-production techniques, they can create a truly realistic sense of presence and transport audiences to another world. Whether you're exploring a remote jungle, visiting an underwater reef, or exploring a new planet, MCF Immersive's VR productions are sure to leave you breathless. With their unparalleled expertise in VR post production, MCF Immersive is truly setting the standard for the future of immersive entertainment.

Pre Vis

Bringing imagination to life

MCF Immersive is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in VR production, and one of the ways they do this is by leveraging the power of AI and animatic 360 storyboards. By using AI-powered tools to analyze and understand complex data sets, MCF Immersive can create realistic simulations of real-world environments and objects, allowing creators to previsualize their ideas in stunning detail. In addition, the use of animatic 360 storyboards enables creators to see their ideas come to life in a virtual space, providing a level of interactivity and engagement that simply isn't possible with traditional storyboards. By combining these cutting-edge technologies, MCF Immersive is helping creators bring their visions to life in entirely new ways.

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